Celebrating our Fifth Consecutive Great Place to Work® Certification

It’s official! For the fifth year running, Enovation Controls has been certified by Great Place to Work®. This 2024 certification isn’t just another plaque on the wall—it’s a testament to the vibrant, inclusive, and inspiring culture we’ve built together.

What does this mean for us? Beyond the external recognition, it’s a reflection of the environment we’ve cultivated—a place where innovation isn’t just about what we create but also about how we support each other in doing so. It’s about the open doors, the shared successes (and the occasional setbacks from which we grow), and the collective drive to be better every day.

Being a Great Place to Work® since 2019 is no small feat. It’s a reminder that our true innovation lies in our approach to workplace culture. We’re more than a team; we’re a community. A community that’s diverse, dynamic, and dedicated not just to our work but to each other.

This certification is as much about the people who make up Enovation Controls as it is about the products we put out into the world. Here’s to looking forward to what we’ll achieve together in 2024 and beyond.

Here’s a snapshot of what makes us great, straight from our team:

  • 93% feel this is a safe place to work

  • 92% feel welcome when they join the company

  • 89% feel they are able to take off work when necessary

  • 89% are proud to tell others they work at Enovation Controls

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