We serve the needs of diverse system applications through our trusted Murphy, High Country Tek (HCT) and Zero Off brands. These brands represent a full complement of integrated solutions engineered for superior performance and durability.


The Murphy brand represents over 80 years of reliable innovation for critical engine monitoring and control. The rich history of rugged and reliable Murphy products has evolved into state-of-the-art solutions found in applications ranging from construction equipment and pump applications to snowmobiles and ski boats.

Born from the need for simple, reliable engine protection, Murphy has out-paced the industry as an early leader in J1939 CAN technology with market-leading display, controller and instrumentation products.

High Country Tek (HCT)

The HCT brand is recognized for modular, extremely robust controller products for the fluid power industry, covering general mobile, industrial and marine applications. HCT solutions are globally acknowledged in the hydraulic fan cooling and hydraulic generator controller segments as providing superior optimization of the application operation.

HCT is a trusted name in fluid power for digital and analog electronic controller products with significant fuel, emission and operational savings.

Zero Off

The Zero Off brand is the industry-standard GPS-based speed control both in 3 event skiing as well as the wakeboard market. It is a GPS speed control based solely on input from satellites and engine management systems.

Zero Off is the premier name in speed control, having been tested by some of the best skiers in the world and the engineers who develop the engine management systems for the boats.

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