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ACE is a powerful and easy-to-learn software tool to simplify and speed up control system development. ACE was designed for both machine experts with no coding experience and experienced programmers looking for a more efficient way to work. Using a built-in library of components and functions, simply drag-and-drop blocks and features together to create an application. ACE’s innovative auto-coding environment does all the coding for you, saving you valuable time and unlocking valuable engineering resources.

ACE doesn’t sacrifice power for convenience and makes it possible to achieve both simple and complex control with unlimited horsepower for any system need. Logic blocks make it easy to create powerful timer functions with easy to understand triggers. ACE even simplifies building closed-loop control with feedback and helps users configure PID functions. Conquer complexity with ACE.

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Build With Drag-and-Drop Blocks
No programming experience? No problem. ACE helps machine specialists create effective control programs using a toolbox of input, output and feature blocks that drag-and-drop together. Ready-to-use blocks handle the hard part of integrating human inputs, reading CAN devices and sensors, applying logic, and mapping it all to outputs such as valves, pumps and lights. Prebuilt logic blocks also make it quick and easy to design complex control schemes like steering.

Work Faster With Built-In Libraries
ACE includes a built-in library of CAN J1939 parameters to save time building your project. Search for CAN inputs by name and SPN, or browse by category to add them to a CAN network block. Adding parts to your project is also easy with the built-in Parts Catalog. Find ready-to-use Sun Hydraulics® valve and Murphy® PowerView® display part blocks, or save time by adding your most frequently used parts (sensors, joysticks, valves and pumps) to your local database.

Design Closed-Loop Controls With Confidence
ACE doesn’t sacrifice power for convenience. Advanced closed-loop control schemes aren’t just possible, they are easy to implement. With the built-in closed-loop control block, ACE lays out the function visually and to help you understand and tune for effective, efficient control.

Create Smart Timers and Triggers
Setting up simple or advanced logic-based triggers only takes a few clicks. Build timers using drag-and-drop blocks for comparisons, inputs, outputs, math and more.

Generate Helpful Wiring Lists
When your system is fully configured, ACE takes the headache out of harnessing with auto-generated wiring lists exportable in PDF and Excel-friendly formats.

Design Coordinated Displays
Configuring a display connected to the controller is fast and easy with ACE. Use the built-in library of elements and icons to design effective and attractive user interfaces that are ready-to-load onto Murphy PowerView displays. When designing is complete, ACE automatically defines the CAN communication layer between the controller and display.

Built For uControl™ Mobile Controllers
uControl mobile controllers get the most of any machine with flexible universal inputs and ultra-precise software-selectable outputs. Available in a range of I/O options, uControl mobile controllers are the perfect fit for a variety of equipment needs and applications. When needs change, ACE makes it easy to scale your projects up or down the controller family without having to rebuild the entire project.

Additional product documentation can be found on our product support website or by clicking the Help Center button above.

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