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Premier Distributor Spotlight: Rajkot Diesel Machines

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Rajkot Diesel Machines was established in 2003 as an electromechanical products and engineering company specializing in the marine and oil and gas industry. Through the years, Rajkot has grown into four branches: Rajkot Marine LLC, 4JB Automation & Power Controls, RMTS and Rajkot Diesel Machines.

Rajkot offers a wide variety of products and services to a diverse range of industries and commercial businesses covering all types of engines, pumps, gen-set and vehicles. They have dedicated technical sales and application engineers providing solutions in oil and gas, marine, off-road machinery applications, the power-gen industry and defense vehicles. Rajkot’s team ensures that customers receive competitively priced value-added solutions with world class technical and service support, and they never compromise quality for price. They have a simple philosophy of getting the job done on time while still providing quality of service.

We spoke with Rajkot’s Managing Director Joy Antony Gomez to learn more about how Rajkot delivers quality and custom-designed solutions for a variety of customers.



What advantages does your company culture provide the marketplace?

Joy: We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional solutions as well as establishing long-term relationships with our customers. We provide standard and custom-built, leading-edge turnkey solutions to complex applications and meet the unique needs of our customers with a complete solution-based approach. We maintain our core values while meeting customer expectations.

● Integrity and loyalty are the foundation of our business.

● Innovation: We create value through ideas.

● Teamwork: We work together to produce extraordinary results.

● Goals and accountability: We set challenging goals and take full responsibility to achieve them.

● Customer satisfaction and long-term business approach: We exceed the expectations of those we serve with a complete solutions approach.


What unique needs do your customers have and how do you solve them?

Joy: Partnering with our customers is a part of our value proposition. We will work with a customer to enhance and change functionality in the product development all the way from prototyping to initial release and success models. RDM/RM thrives on creating solutions for our customers’ engine control, monitoring and protection requirements with integrated products and system solutions. We have a controller or display to suit any mechanical or electronic engine or pump and all types of application requirements. Using the software programming for our leading-edge solution will set the application apart from the rest.




What is a competitive advantage you provide your customers?

Joy: We strongly believe that customer support and service is our primary competitive advantage. We also work to meet the price and products value that we integrate into the system and solution. Great customer service will increase loyalty, bring in new customers, increase revenue and will help us stand out from the pack. We actively listen to our customers and use the feedback to improve processes and anticipate customer needs.

We aim to incorporate digital marketing to promote our products in the market. We also aim to provide services to help our customers understand how to use the products, thereby ensuring customer confidence and added value.


Why do you tell your customers to use Murphy products?

Joy: Murphy products meet customer expectations and are value-added products. Time to time, software, product training and self-servicing ensures customers love Murphy products. We make sure customers buy a product that benefits them. Just stating the features of a product doesn’t make the customer buy it – we work to make sure that the product provides a solution that the customer is happy with.


How does your company conquer complexity by integrating Murphy products into system solutions?

Joy: Our team focuses on user-friendly, affordable and cost-effective solutions. PowerVision® and PowerCore® products easily allow creative methods to overcome obstacles and follow the latest technology trends to help in optimizing innovation. Rajkot also follows a rigorous project approach which quickly identifies and overcomes complexity for the customer;

•          Get a clear understanding of end-user requirements.

•          Design and develop new solutions.

•          Test and evaluate ideas to ensure optimum integration.

•          Pay extra attention to research and development, testing, and prototyping.

•          Test, test and test again before deploying the solution.

•          Provide world class customer service and technical support.

•          Teamwork: We work together to produce extraordinary results.

•          Goals and accountability: We set challenging goals and take full responsibility to achieve them.

•          Customer satisfaction and long-term business approach: We exceed the expectations of those we serve with complete solutions approach.



What is the most interesting use of Murphy products you have seen a customer use?

Joy: Murphy products have been utilized in a variety of interesting projects:

MPC20 – Dewatering, Water Jetting & Irrigation Pumps.

PV780 Marine, recreational and commercial & Triplex Pumps.

PV485 Vehicle – Automotive application.

PV350/485/780/MPC20 – Batch Mixer

PV780/PV1200 -Defense Vehicle



Visit Rajkot Diesel Machines at these trade shows:

ADIPEC – Abu Dhabi, UAE – November 8 -11, 2021

INMEX SMM, Mumbai-India – 11 – 13, October 2021

BOAT & MARINE Cochin -India   – 21-23 January 2021

PowerGen India – 27-29 October 2021


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