Panel Solutions


With Enovation Controls, your instrumentation problems are solved by top-quality design and simple, turnkey solutions. Our Industrial Panel Division offers dedicated application engineers, wire harness engineers, panel engineers and software development engineers focused entirely on custom and standard solutions built to your specifications.  When we say turnkey we mean it.  The engineers in IPD are ready to partner with you to provide the best solution to meet your needs.  Our services go beyond the design and development including on-site installation and testing with reviews to ensure the solution works with the application out of the box.  Let our team of dedicated industrial engineers who are experts in engine instrumentation use our vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities to deliver your custom solutions quickly and efficiently.

You live and breathe specs. So does IPD. Enovation Controls consistently sets and meets specification standards that are rarely matched. Our solutions are designed to work in a variety of harsh environments: wet or dry, hot or cold, dirt or mud. If your equipment has to face it, our controls can too. We deliver higher specifications by applying our own high-quality standards to our instruments. Many of our products offer protection for extreme heat and cold, environmental sealing and water resistance. We don’t assume that our equipment will be housed inside. For us, that’s just an extra luxury. In order to ensure durability across a wide range of environmental conditions, we perform extensive testing on each instrument that comes off our assembly lines. We build tougher. We test harder. And we’re ready for your most demanding applications.

Learn more about custom industrial panel products on the Murphy brand website.